Supervised Research

Menofia University, Egypt

Master thesis

Impact of Societal Transformations on the Architecture and Physical Development of the Egyptian Village

The Use of Municipal Solid Waste as an Indicator of Poverty in Human Settlements

Impact of Urban Management Legislation on the Image of the City

Examining Cooperative Housing in Egypt

Assessing Poverty in Rural Areas

The Internal Structure of the City of Tanta

Elements and Principles of Smart Schools

Globalization and Its Impact on Urban Informal Sector in Developing Countries.

Evaluating Re-housing Experience in the Greater Cairo Region in the past three decades

The Role of Social Services in the Development of New Towns

Reforming Architectural Education in Response to Transformation in the Global Labor Markets

Impact of Economic and Social Transformations on the Egyptian Village: The Case of Menofia

Towards Gender-sensitive Architectural Education

Ph.D. Dissertations

The ideology of the Ruling Regime and its impact on the urban environment

Elaborating Indicators for Urban Poverty

The Role of Architectural Research in Resolving Issues about Technology Transfer, Informal Areas, and Identity

Evaluating the Egyptian Experience in Upgrading Informal Settlements: Best Practices and Lessons Learnt

The Relationship Between Land Uses and Solid Waste Management In Informal Settlements: The Case of Alexandria, Egypt

Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

Master thesis

Assessing the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of the Local Community Towards Climate Change in Wilayat Salalah, Sultanate of Oman

An Inquiry of the institutional framework for EIA studies in the State of Kuwait using SWOT Analysis

Assessing the Resilience of the City of Kuwait to face Environmental Crises and Disaster

Ph.D. Dissertations

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Institutional and Legal Frameworks for the Implementation of CITES in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Harnessing value-based financing for achieving SDGs: Social innovation model for Arab municipalities

Alien Avifauna in the Kingdom of Bahrain: Common Myna Acridotheres tristis (Linnaeus, 1766) as a Case Study

Assessing the Cost of Environmental Degradation using Real Estate Prices, Kingdom of Bahrain

Helwan University< Egypt

Ph.D. Dissertations

Assessment of a Naturally Ventilated Hospital Ward from an Infection Control Perspective using Key Design Indicators