Menofia University, Egypt

Dept. of Architecture

Undergraduate Courses

ARC 111 Visual Training

ARC 203 Introduction to Planning History and Theories

ARC 303 Urban Planning

ARC 324C Housing in Developing Countries

ARC 324D Design and Environmental planning

ARC 416B Economics of Housing

ARC 416C Urban Design

Graduate Courses

URP 501 Planning Theory

URP 502 Urban Economy and Spatial Patterns

URP 504 Methods of Planning Analysis

URP 505 Urban Planning Models

URP 514 Urban Transportation Planning

URP 602 International Comparative Planning

URP 603 Urban Transportation Policy Analysis

ARC 610 Readings

ARC 703 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods in Architecture.

ARC 704 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Architecture

URB 701 Advanced Planning Theory

URB 702 Advanced Modeling in Planning

URB 703 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods

URB 704 Advanced Multivariate Methods

Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment,

GSTS 530 Research Methods

GSTS 521 Applied Statistics

NRE 720 Advanced Research Methods

NRE 730 Quantitative Methods and Models

NREDE 723 Criteria and Indicators

NREDE 727 Environmental Risk Management

NREDE 737 Ecology and Management of Urban Ecosystem

NRE 620 Natural Resources and Environmental Economics

NREES 534 Urban Environment System

Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

Dept. of Innovation and Technology Management,

ITMIM 7324 Seminar in Innovation Management: Smart Sustainable Cities.

ITMIM 7321 Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

ITMIM 701 Research Methodology

College of Science, University of Bahrain

ESD 795 Sustainable Development (I)

ESD 797 Sustainable Development Goal (III)

Misr International University (MIU), Egypt,

Dept. of Architecture

DES 510 Community Design Studio B.Sc Arch.

ELC 011 Urban Design Theories B.Sc Arch.

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt

Dept. of Architectural Engineering

AR 737 Urban Environmental Planning M.Sc Arch.

AR 771 Urban Design: Theories and Realities M.Sc Arch.

Cairo Demographic Centre, Egypt

General Diploma

Environmental Planning and Management General Diploma

Ain Shams University, Cairo

Institute for Environmental Science

Regional Science